Friday, January 17, 2014

The Typical American, Political Party

Gallup just released a new poll on January 8, 2014, of 18,000 Americans that finds the largest percentage of Americans ever identifying as independents.  While the percentage of Americans identifying as Democrats has held steady since 2010, a number of former Republicans have shifted to identifying as independents.  Thus, Jennifer, our Typical American, would identify as an independent. Party registration and party identification tend to be in monthly flux from Gallup data.  Thus, Jennifer might be registered as a Democrat or Republican but identify her party based on her current satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a political party.

Gallup also finds in another poll that 78% of American adult citizens are registered to vote.  So, Jennifer is registered to vote.

George Mason University’s Elections Project estimates the 2012 voter turnout to have been 58.2% of the voting eligible population.  The majority of Americans –and thus Jennifer- vote during presidential elections but do not vote in non-presidential elections.

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