Wednesday, February 12, 2014

UPDATED MAP: Kentucky!!!! and Same-Sex Marriage Lawsuits

The legal situation involving the push to legalize same-sex marriage in most of the states is rapidly changing. As of today new lawsuits in Wisconsin, Missouri, and Louisiana are expanding the states with legal challenges to same-sex marriage bans.  A previous lawsuit in Louisiana was dismissed in December over legal standing issues.

Also, a new lawsuit in Ohio does not seek the legalization of same-sex marriages at the state level there. Instead it seeks to have the names of both parents listed on birth certificates when an Ohio or out-of-state adopting couple are legally married elsewhere.  This Ohio case would expand on an earlier Federal judge's ruling that Ohio must list same-sex spouses legally married elsewhere on Ohio death certificates.  That case is being appealed.

And today a Federal judge in Texas is hearing a challenge to that state's same-sex marriage ban.  Nevada's Attorney General also announced she will not defend Nevada's same-sex marriage ban from a legal challenge there because of the ban's likely unconstitutionality.

UPDATE:  Even as I posted this map over lunch, a Federal judge in Louisville, KY, ruled that my home state of Kentucky must recognize same-sex couples legally married in other states.  This particular lawsuit did not address whether same-sex couples could marry in Kentucky.  So now Kentucky will either join Oregon in recognizing same-sex couples married elsewhere or join Utah and Oklahoma in appealing this ruling.

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