Monday, February 24, 2014

The Typical American, Home Sweet Home

The Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) collects data on American residents’ housing.  While the US Census and ACS collect data on people by household, the housing data are collected based on housing units (houses, duplexes, apartments, etc.).  Based on these data, Jennifer, our typical American, lives:
  • In a single family, detached house (61.7% of housing units are single family, detached housing units)
  • Built between 1970 and 1979 (16.1%)
  • With 5 rooms total (20.4%)
  • Including 3 bedrooms (39.8%), a complete kitchen (99.1%), complete plumbing (99.5%), and telephone service (97.5%).
  • The house is heated by gas from a utility company (49.4%).
How typical is your home?


Rick said...

Hello Jeff,

I think this piece in the AMA would be of particular interest to your blog:



Jeff Jones said...

Thanks, Rick! Interesting article.