Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Religious vs. Non-Religious Countries

With 60% of Americans self-identifying as religious in 2012, the United States is among the countries where the majority of people say they are religious.  This phenomenon is nevertheless not global.  In countries as varied as China, Australia, Turkey, and Ireland, the majority of people say they are non-religious.  Such attitudes towards religion vary in many regions.  While all the countries surveyed in South America (minus the blip for French Guiana which shows data for France as a whole) and Africa report religious majorities, in east Asia you find most South Koreans are religious but not their neighbors in China and Japan.  Similar, the Middle East is not uniformly religious.  Both secular Turkey and the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan have non-religious majorities.  In Scandinavia most Finns are religious, but most Swedes are not.  While most of Germany's neighbors are non-religious, the majority of Germans report they are religious.

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