Monday, April 14, 2014

Updated Marriage Map

After the rush of court rulings in the first three months of 2014, April has been relatively a slow news period. The new Federal court rulings on same-sex marriage have created even greater complexity.  Judges in Tennessee and Indiana have ruled those states must recognize civil marriages performed out-of-state...but only for the plaintiffs in the lawsuits involving those cases.  So, this means Indiana must recognize the marriage of a lesbian couple in Evansville where one of the spouses is dying.  In Tennessee the judge ordered the state to recognize the three couples suing the state for recognition of their marriages.

Today an Ohio judge ordered that state to recognize marriages legally performed out-of-state.  He will decide tomorrow whether to stay his decision or not.

As for the number of states with and without a lawsuit seeking recognition of same-sex marriage, it is a challenge knowing which states have such lawsuits.  Lambda Legal put out a press release that to expect a lawsuit in Georgia this week, but there is no news there yet.  So stay tuned.

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