Friday, November 22, 2013

Honour Thy Father and Mother

I found statistics on elder abuse by state difficult to find.  I eventually turned to the CDC's WISQARS database on violent deaths.  The above map shows the crude violent intentional death rate per 100,000 population of seniors in 2010.  In other words, this maps shows the crude rate for suicides and homicides of seniors by state for 2010.  I did not only map the homicides because there were too few numbers for most states to compute a rate.

The above map looks at the mean rate of violent senior deaths and then looks at states' whose rate is unusually high or low -by several standard deviations.  As you can see, Nevada has an unusually high senior violent death rate.  Massachusetts has a relatively low rate.  While I did not map the violent homicide rate for seniors, I did look at it.  For the states with enough killings to compute a rate, Nevada again had the worst (highest) rate of murders of its seniors.  In general, seniors are more likely to die from violence in the West and least likely to die of intentional violence in the North/Midwest.  The South is about in the middle.

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