Sunday, November 10, 2013

Polls: Moral v. Legal

Yesterday I blogged a bit about Gallup's annual morals poll:

As I mentioned yesterday, what Americans believe is moral does not always align with what they feel should be legal.  Abortion polling reflects this differentiation in the American electorate.  

Source:  2013, Gallup

Fully 78% of Americans support legalized abortion in some or all circumstances.  The minority opposing abortion in all circumstances has remained fairly static at between 12% and 23% since Gallup began tracking this question in 1975.
Graph courtesy of 2013, Gallup

So, that must mean only 1 in 5 Americans view themselves as pro-life, right?  Think again.  While 78% of Americans support some form of legalized abortion, 48% of Americans view themselves as pro-life.  What Americans feel is moral -for themselves or perhaps even for others- does not always align with how they would vote in terms of the legality of an issue.  

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