Monday, March 10, 2014

LATEST: The Marriage Map

Last week a new lawsuit was filed in Indiana seeking to allow same-sex marriages in that state.  The new map reflects this change plus several other refinements:

  • I have changed the outlines for out-of-state recognition of same-sex marriages into two categories. The one for Oregon is now green to reflect Oregon's active recognition of same-sex marriages.  Ohio and Kentucky remain red to show the judicial decisions ordering recognition of same-sex marriages are currently under appeal.
  • I've changed Alaska from the category of pending lawsuit to legalize same-sex marriage to a marriage-related lawsuit.  The suit there seeks to expand recognition of same-sex couples in workplace law.  I've also added a new blue asterisk for Nebraska where a suit there seeks to overturn a ban on single or same-sex couples serving as foster parents.  

1 comment:

Vin said...

Great map!
It seems that there is however a case in Mississippi, related to divorce, so it would deserve an asterisk, wouldn't it?