Friday, March 21, 2014

Updated Marriage Map: Michigan

Today US District Judge Bernard Friedman issued his ruling in a Michigan lawsuit seeking the legalization of civil marriage for same-sex couples in that state.  The situation in Michigan at the moment is complicated.  Judge Friedman's decision came out after 5pm when the county clerks who issue marriage licenses had closed.  Judge Friedman, however, did not stay his decision.  Michigan's Attorney General is seeking an emergency stay on the decision.  So, same-sex civil marriage is now technically legal in Michigan, but it is not clear whether any MI couples will manage to get a license and marry before a higher court places a stay on Friedman's decision.  Will a county clerk in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids or another Michigan city with a large LGBT population open this weekend?  Stay tuned.

I will give things until Wednesday to shake out and then will update the map again.

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KELL said...

Odd how the 6th waited until mid-day to issue that temporary stay of the decision to enjoin the state of MI from enforcing the MMA. Not surprising, and wise decision to wait until Wednesday for an updated map.