Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Same-sex Marriage Lawsuits: The Holdouts

17 states now have same-sex civil marriages.  The Federal government recognizes legal same-sex marriages regardless of in which state a couple live.

In all but 9 of the other states, there are now active lawsuits seeking the state benefits of marriage and the ability to marry in these states.  The 9 holdout states listed in order of 2013 estimated populations are:

  • Ohio, 11.6 million*
  • Georgia, 9.9 million
  • Mississippi, 3 million
  • Kansas, 2.9 million*
  • Nebraska, 1.9 million*
  • Montana, 1 million*
  • South Dakota, 0.8 million
  • Alaska, 0.7 million*
  • North Dakota, 0.7 million
Those states with an asterisk ("*") do not currently have lawsuits directly seeking the legalization of same-sex marriage, but they do have pending lawsuits involving related issues such as listing spouses on death certificates, listing step-parents on birth certificates, recognition under workplace law, foster parenting, etc.  These related lawsuits could impact marriage legalization overall.

So, the real holdouts are the couples in Georgia, Mississippi, and the Dakotas who have yet to file suit.

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Vin said...

It seems that there is however a case in Mississippi, related to divorce, so it would deserve an asterisk, wouldn't it?